Photography | A Simple New Toy

I try not to be a lazy photographer.

“oh, I can fix that later”

“thats why I pay so much for Photoshop”

“changing that now will take too long”

It’s so easy to get stuck in that mindset. There’s a ton of people making a ton of money by selling actions to “fix” your photographs. I’ll admit, I’ve dropped a few hundred dollars on them in the past. But now when I see a new Ad for the latest action set, I just think to myself “meh, I’d rather shoot better strait out of camera”. That means learning to use natural light AND artificial light, paying attention to what you see in the viewfinder, and knowing how to work with your camera. So that’s why I’m so excited about this little guy. A simple 6 inch target, with a reflector on the other side. I can adjust the manual Color Temperature in my camera before I even start shooting. The hardest part will be getting used to taking that sucker out every time I’m in a new location. Do you know how many locations you shoot in just for one wedding?? There’s the room the bride is getting ready it, and then the groom, the ceremony site, the family portrait site, the first look site, the reception…whew! Popping this little guy out when I step into a new room is so much easier than dealing with Camera Raw or Lightroom the next day. I’m sure some photographers would disagree with that, but I have better things to do than hang out in Camera Raw.


So here’s my first “session” with my little reflector buddy. My ring needs a serious cleaning…but that’s not the point. (Brides take note, have your ring cleaned right before the wedding day!)


And a special shout-out to my Extension Tubes. I don’t need a macro…I’ve got TUBES! 😀


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